[MK4] OUT - SEAM Standard Balaclava

USD $ 19

USD $ 19.00 ( USD $ 19.00 discount)
Size : Unisex S(~56), M(57-58), L(59-62)
An out-seam design has been applied to increase the comfort of the contact surface and minimize pressing marks on the skin.

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*An out-seam design has been applied to increase the comfort of the contact 
surface and minimize pressing marks on the skin.

* Made in a three-dimensional pattern, the product is comfortable to wear and close to 
the head without any extras.

* Various sizes and soft fabric covers the user's head properly.
It reduces internal distortion when wearing a helmet and providing high convenience.

* Facial opening and neck hem apply the direct cut design without a separate finish.
This provides gentle fitting on skin without any pressure.

* The bottom of the face of the product can be opened below the chin.

* Glasses can be worn through the corners of the facial opening

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Openings are applied to the back of the product. You can cut with scissors as much as you need.

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Measure the circumference of the head with a tape measure past the top of the eyebrows and ears as shown. If you don't have a tape measure, cut the paper long to measure the circumference, and measure the length with a ruler.
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Size : Unisex S(~56), M(57-58), L(59-62)


[Product fabric characteristics]
The functional fabric applied to the Balaclava 'OUT-SEAM' series is a single knitted fabric. Unfinished cut surface of product was used as it is, less loosening or fabric rupture will occur even if it is stretched. However, when producing fabric, some weaving defects may cause occasional damage. In this case, if you contact us within a month of purchase, we will exchange it for a new product of the same model and size after a simple confirmation process.

[Product washing]
The Balaclava "OUT-SEAM" series is produced by weaving various polyester-based and polyurethane-based functional yarns, and it is difficult to completely dye which can cause the color to fade during the first and second washings of some products. It is recommended to wash separately or with other black washings.

[Fit size]
The “OUT-SEAM” series Balaclava is recommended to wear tight to suit your face. It is a product with an out-seam design that minimizes the press marks on the skin, so wear it with the seam outward. Rather than wearing it with both sides open, wear it as if you're sweeping over the front. Use the opening of the face sufficiently lowered so that the eye area is located in the center.

The scent from the fabric of the product is one of the characteristics of functional yarn, Jurasil®. It prevents odors with an antibacterial function that smells like soil and grass.

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The functional material that exhibits strong antibacterial and quick absorption functions, and is a versatile healthcare fiber that can be used from sportswear to innerwear.

It is a new concept multifunctional polyester fiber by using vegetable raw materials. It has excellent antibacterial function, good absorption and quick drying, UV protection, and antistatic function.

Creora fresh®
This yarn is a functional deodorizing spandex that chemically neutralizes ammonia, acetic acid and isobalic acid . It is more durable than a product that gives a post-processing function so it maintains its function after several washing. It makes feel fresh and pleasant for a long time.


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Product Name [MK4] OUT - SEAM Standard Balaclava
Price USD $ 19.00
Product Summary Size : Unisex S(~56), M(57-58), L(59-62)
Discounted Price USD $ 15.00 ( USD $ 4.00 discount)
Overview An out-seam design has been applied to increase the comfort of the contact surface and minimize pressing marks on the skin.


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